Tanah Rata, a peaceful retreat in Cameron Highlands

How comical is the history of Tanah Rata! Brits living in Malaysia were suffering from the hot and the humidity. […]

Kuala Lumpur

The shadow of the Petronas Towers hang over Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. And this shadow certainly does help with […]

Tioman Island, varans, jungle and wrecks

2 hours in the over-air-conditioned ferry is a got appetizer for Tioman Island, in Malaysia. The bordreing China Sea with […]

The food lovers’ paradise

Singapore is often described as a mix between Asia and Occident (see our article about the city). But Singapore is […]

Singapore, an english-asiatic mix

The plan is slowly turning down toward the Singapore airport, and I start wondering what I should expect of this […]

New Zelande, a sulphur smelly country.

Maybe you heard the sad news about Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand? Don’t think this is about bad luck, as […]

Let’s tramp in New Zealand

After 3 weeks into the tranquil New Zealand, a lot of walks (see our map, second page of markers ), […]

Diving at Poor Knights Islands

New-Zealand is quite famous for its fabulous landscapes and luxuriant forests. However marine life is also fabulous! The Marine Reserve […]

Road trip in New Zealand

Truly our travel to Latin America finished very well, with the mighty Rio Carnaval. This conclude the first half of […]

Rio de Janeiro famous (and infamous) Carnaval

(Français) Le Carnaval de Rio a été pour nous ce qu’est le pot de miel à l’ours. On fait difficilement mieux en termes de danseurs et musiciens (…)

Visiting Rio De Janeiro during carnival

Rio! Isn’t it a dreaming word! We suddenly think about beach, carnival (see our article)… We did not think we […]