Resistencia, the 500th statues’ city

We leave the good vibes of Buenos Aires for the North of Argentina : Resistencia here we are! It is […]

Buenos Aires, a mixe between Europe and Latin America

Buenos Aires! This city will inevitably remember good thinks to travellers and expatriates! Buenos Aires is an extremely pleasant city, […]

Tango, rock and percussions in Buenos Aires

If I tell you “Argentina, Buenos Aires” what would you answer ? “Tango!” of course! Buenos Aires is the city […]

In the vineyards of Mendoza

After four months travelling in Central and South America we finally arrived in the wine and beef meat country! Surrounded […]

Old locomotives in the Ande

Today a subject slightly different from music, as this is your chance to learn more about railways in South America […]


What does look a so contrasted city as Santiago ? Curiously enough, we could think it is a European town! […]

Pingouins and the loaf-sugar

Sand and rocks, both burned by a fierce sun, blue sky without a cloud, but something unique, here in the […]

Iquique, Arise, ye workers from your slumber

Welcome to Iquique, a coastal city of Chile, caught between the fishy ocean and a big and rich desert. The […]

Do finger in Chile

You won’t spend to much time asking yourself how to go South in Chile, you have to take the bus. […]

From Peru to Chile, Tacna to Arica

After one month in Peru, we left this country with a think for Rosa and her family whom made us […]

The “Chicha” restaurant, gastronomy stop in Arequipa

Roasted chicken and French fries, fish and rice, hamburguesa, everyday food in Peru could make you think that this country […]

Juan Manuel and Sergio, South American troubadours

Welcome for an interview very different, as you have the occasion to discover to true modern troubadours […]