Diving at Poor Knights Islands

Poisson scorpion, Poor Knights islands

New-Zealand is quite famous for its fabulous landscapes and luxuriant forests. However marine life is also fabulous! The Marine Reserve of the Poor Knights Islands is known as one of the 10 best diving spots in the world. When the boat comes nearer to the islands their name becomes clear : they have the shape of a knight lying on his back (Poor Knight). Protected from fishing and taking benefit from a warm current coming from Australia, the fauna is really rich.
This makes the site unique because many fishes arrive in their egg and cannot reproduce because of the temperature. Thus many individuals come from very far away!

Murène, Poor Knights islands

We made two dives at this site. Thanks to a nice couple of Amercians we could get some pictures of these dives. Thank you Roger and Lori!

Poisson, Poor Knights Islands

We could see a lot of fishes and other marine animals like morays, scorpion fish, skate and many others…
Fishes were really curious of us. They came very close and tried to play with us.

Remi dans un ban de poissons, Poor Knights Islands

Island were inhabited by Maoris tribes, and so there are several legends attached to thos piece of rocks, but as it is complicated, you’ll have to come yourself to figure it out.

Diving is still new to us, but we should keep going with all this wonder as we are going to South East Asia, full of good opportunity to dive.

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  1. C’est trop beau !! Vivement la suite !!!
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