Delhi, why are you so noisy?

French breakfast in the Indian way Delhi is the overcrowded capital of an overcrowded country. Huge, dirty and noisy, it […]

Sardhana, the story which inspired Jules Verne

Let’s dive for a while in the epic past of the 18en century in India. India was then Indias, a […]

Taj express to Agra

It is maybe the most recognizable monument in the world. If you try to draw it on a sheet of […]

Custom made New Dehli

Buying a custom-made suit is a bargain in India. There are many tailors in Delhi. Here is a guide to […]

Jaipur, from star dust to … dust-storm

The highway which goes to Jaipur is tared, but you can’t help swallow a lot of dust. Our nose is […]

Chittorgarh and Bundi, Indian countryside and conviviality

Even in Rajahstan, the most touristic state of India, it is easy to get out of the beaten path and […]