Arequipa, the white city

At an altitude of 2,300m, Arequipa is the second largest city of Peru. Less known than Cuzco, it is really […]

Come and discover Baptiste Daleman!

Today is your lucky day, as you are going to discover a very talented French artist, and got the inside […]

Go to Copacabana and let bless your car

In Central and South America most people are driving very very fast, often preferring the left way to the right one. But how do they do? […]

About Incas walls

Of course everybody wonder about the Incas walls construction. How do they do to build them without cement and wheel ? […]

Machu Pichu, you want it, earn it ! !

If you go to Peru you cannot avoid the visit to one of the 7 world’s marvels : Machu Pichu […]

Machu Pichu on a budget

You’d like to see a world marvel, but you don’t want to pay the extremely high price imposed by a […]

Walk in the Incas sacred valley: from Pisac to Sacsayhuamán

Take your gear and head one for a walk in the sacred valley. You should get your tourist ticket (see the article about Cuzco) with which you will be able to visit 5 archaeological sites


After being disappointed by Nazca we went directly to Cuzco with a night bus. The trip was terrible. Because of […]

Nazca or the most expensive lines in the world

Nazca is a little city of the peruvian coast, lost in the desert. Its name comes from the civilisation that […]

A week in Lima

We spent a week in Lima with the family of Raul and Rosa, and their children Raul and Daniela. We […]

Tranquil Piura, Perú

Welcome to Piura, Perú (don’t try to say it fast!). Piura is the first big city on the way from […]

Article about us in the newspaper!

The newspaper of Remi’s city has written a complete page about our project. You can download it here. Sorry it […]


After our exhausting trek on the Inca trail we found a rest in the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca. Its […]