The food lovers’ paradise

Chilli crab, Singapore

Singapore is often described as a mix between Asia and Occident (see our article about the
city). But Singapore is also a big melting pot between Asian cultures as Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malays and Indonesian.

The mix works pretty well, specially when speaking about food! Restaurants are everywhere. You can have an Indian breakfast with nans and tea; then a Chinese lunch, noodles, duck and mango juice; around 5 o’clock go to a pastry shop and take a “butter sugar”, a sweet and light bun; for dinner try Korean BBQ beef and a spicy Thai salad! And if you want to enjoy a drink along the Singapore river then try the “Tiger” beer or the famous Singaporean cocktail (the sling, made of gin, lemon and cherry brandy)!

Singapore also developed its own specialties like the “Chilli crab”. The crab is cooked in a thick and spicy sauce made of chilli, tomato and egg. No other choice than to eat this with fingers!

Indian restaurant, Singapore

Even if there are a lot of luxuous restaurants, the little stalls with sympathetic cooks let Singapore be a big place for gastronomy.

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  1. Tout celà sent bien bon à ma vue. Et pour vous divertir à distance clap your hands pour votre reportage, et Applause un groupe franco-belge qui devrait marquer les prochaines années. Remarquez les harmoniques du chanteur Nicolas LY. (black sand)

  2. @Babo : ca a l’air sympa ce groupe. Malgre la connection pourrie du cyber, j’ai reussi a ecouter quelques secondes ! 🙂

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