Road trip in New Zealand

Région de Rotorua, Nouvelle-Zélande

Truly our travel to Latin America finished very well, with the mighty Rio Carnaval.
This conclude the first half of our project around the world, with already so much surprises, people, discoveries…

Mount Taranaki far away, New Zealand

But the adventure goes on with a few weeks in New Zealand, which are designed to be a little break before crowded and varied Asia.

Generally speaking New Zealand is not well known, it is after all the country the most far away from Europe. Nevertheless, this country is so worth of being visited! Because you may have sleep during your geography lesson, New Zealand is half the size of France, but with only 4 millions of inhabitants. NZ is composed by 2 island, North and South. We just visited the North island to be able to take the time.
New Zealand inhabitants (the Kiwis) are a mix between the Maori (the original inhabitants), and other immigrants over time : English, Europeans, and now Indians and Asiatics.
Originally a part of United Kingdom, the Kiwis did keep a few bad habits, like driving leftward, not being able to cook properly, and play fanatically rugby.

From the car, New Zealand

Micro campervan

New Zealand is a country best appreciated with a car, so we rent a break converted to receive a bed. So we were free to travel in a unassuming vehicle, being able to sleep everywhere.

Waipu, plage, Nouvelle-Zelande

We were really moved by New Zealand. Because of it very famous Nature of course, very good for walks or just alive-dream in front of scenic landscape or translucent night skies. But also because Kiwis are sympathetic and simple blocks. They do know how to be sophisticated, but they like their country, the holidays house along the beach … Maybe because a good part live upon dairies products which are a major exportation of New Zealand.

Piha, New Zealand

New Zeland is at the same time a shearing competitions with official referees and points for cut-precision and time, at the same time Maoris people with their culture alive and visible trough their beautiful wood sculpture, and at the same time bush full of ferns-trees and echoes of the past pioneers who once worked here.

We are telling you, this is unfair and a shame that New Zealand is so unwell known, it deserve more credits that it has.

Waipu beach, New Zealand

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  1. Hey !!! M beaucoup les petits rideaux à l’arrière que votre véhicule transformable !!!
    Le contraste entre les continents parait ici saisissant.
    Que ce passe-t-il si on ne tond plus les moutons ?
    je vous suis avec curiosité

  2. Hehe ! Si on ne tond pas les moutons alors ça devient ça !

  3. Bien méconnue en effet. Les paysages et la lumière font envie.
    Les moutons souffrent-ils pdt la tonte ?

  4. @Mamoune : les moutons sont plutot calmes. Le tondeur rate un peu sont coup de temps en temps et alors la il peut y avoir quelques blessures qui rendent le mouton un peu nerveux et plus difficile a maitriser. Ils n’avaient pas l’air de trop souffrir en tout cas !

  5. Hello,

    Super photos vraiment ça fais rever, ça donne envie 🙂

    Nous aurions besoin d’info sur comment trouver le meme genre de breack!! Nous voulons partir en NZ un mois, et nous pensons que ce serai t’une solution pour nous!!

    Ou vous avez louer ce petit bolide lol et combien 😉 et sur combien de jours etccc

    Nous vous serions tres reconnaissant de pouvoir nous aider !!

    Si vous pouvez mettre d’autres photos ce serai super 😉

    Merci d’avance pour votre aide, a tres bientot sur votre site !!

    Charlie and Sabrina

  6. Comment s’appelle la locations de voiture stp

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