[Extrait Audio/Audio Clip] Between the 14th and the 18th centuries Ayutthaya, also known as Siam, was a very powerful kingdom. […]

Koh Tao, holiday in holiday in holiday

Most people will say we have been in holidays for 7 months and we won’t contradict them. After all we […]

Night Market in Chumphon

If you go to Koh Tao island you will probably go through Chumphon. However few travelers spend some time in […]

Phuket, touristy island

The flying time between Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand is only 45 minutes. Plus several hours between […]

Gourmet extracts of Malaysia

Muezzins songs

There is a music often sounding in the Malaysian streets, in its villages, coming from well decorated towers to stroke […]

Dabong, a small town along the railway

By taking the train to go to Dabong, you leave behind the very urban Malaysia. Our train was 15 years […]

Kota Bharu, city of traditions

We stopped for few days in Kota Bharu, newt to the Thai border, in the north of Malaysia. Here also […]

Georgetown, a suspiciously nice brochure … Beware!

We decided to go to Georgetown, Penang Island, because of the very nice booklet of the tourist office. It was […]