Visiting Rio De Janeiro during carnival

Rio vu du ferry pour Niteroi

Rio! Isn’t it a dreaming word! We suddenly think about beach, carnival (see our article)… We did not think we could spend few days in a such well-known city.

Indeed, during the carnival prices incredibly increase, until 400% sometimes! But we still came and relied upon our good nose to find cheap hostels.
We arrived two days before the beginning of the carnival and after a night spent in the bus we went all over three different areas of the town, under the rain. It was almost dark and all our researches had been unsuccessful. The best offer we had was 300reals/night for both of us (about 150 euros) for two beds in a dormitory of 8 people ! Isn’t it crazy?

Rémi in the room of our motel

But we used the rest of motivation we had and found THE hostel : a short-time hotel. In our room there were a very big bed with mirrors all around and the TV shew channels appropriate to this kind of place. If some people are interested , go to the Saude area near the Maua place. We should warn you this area is not very advisable, but you should also know that this kind of hostel is also be used by young couples who still live at their parent’s, therefore the taboo is less strong than back home.

Christ rédempteur, Rio

But let’s speak about Rio, overlooked by the famous Redeemer Christ (disappearing in clouds during our journey), in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation. The city is built between mountains and beach.

Av. Rio Branco, Rio

Botanic Garden, Rio de Janeiro

Botanic Garden, Rio de Janeiro

The city is organized along a North South axis, following the wealth gradient by descending, passing by semi disused ports areas, animated and popular central area, until the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Then are residential zones. And if you go to the mountains you will find the favelas, surrounding the city.

Plage de Copacabana, Rio

Rio is really known for its beaches. They are completely integrated in the life. Thus even in the super modern and air conditioned metro you can sometimes find a little layer of sand. Unfortunately we could not enjoy them because of the rain which did not stopped during all our journey.

Romane et Remi a Niteroi

It was not the good time to visit museums because everything was closed during the carnival. There are plenty of good museums here and we could not enjoy them.
However at few minutes by ferry there is Niteroi, a city where we could admire (from outside because it was closed) the contemporary museum designed by Oscar Niemeyer (see this article). This building is incredible, shapes are perfect and made me think about a flower just bloomed over the water.

Contemporary Art Museum of  Niteroi by Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil

Visit Rio during carnival is something unique and we know our chance. However about beaches and museums we will have to come back!

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