Let’s tramp in New Zealand

Big fern, New-Zealand

After 3 weeks into the tranquil New Zealand, a lot of walks (see our map, second page of markers ), we can certify you this is a really good place to “tramp” (walk for the New Zealanders).

It that simple: drive around any road for a few dozen of kilometers and your are deemed to find at least a good walk. path are well maintened, easy to follow, and often containing a lot of informations about flore or history of the area.

Mount Ngongotaha, New-Zealand

And flore and fauna are very special in New Zeland. Historically there were no big predators in New Zealand, therefore birds often come very close to check who you are playfully. We saw an owl in day light a few meters away, curiously staring at us.
Also New Zealand is the country of ferns and lichens, which give the forest a very old look, like walking back in time.

Mount Taranaki, New-Zealand

On the Mount Taranaki, New-Zealand

The climax of our walks was probably the ascension of the Taranaki volcano, whose crater still smells sulphur. Climbing a volcano is not easy as you have to walk trough fields of little volcanic rocks, climb an old lava flow, cross the crater and its snow, then reach the summit (+2500 meters).

View from the Mount Taranaki, New-Zealand

Curiously now forest are not suffering from men but from what they brought nto the island : Possum, goats, wild pigs, rats, and diseases.

They had almost wiped out some native species, but a serious and ambitious control programme stopped this. So it’s common to see traps and poisoned baits into the forest, and so to have to wash the sol of your walking shoes to stop spreading diseases, and it’s all right!

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  1. Bravo les petits !
    Maîtresse vient de recevoir votre carte de New Zealand… !Waouh!v2w3
    Pas mal ! Dans nos pantoufles ,on en prend plein les yeux et ça fait du bien ! merci !à la prochaine ! bisous Andrée

  2. Hééé, pas si vite. On a à peine le temps de recevoir des nouvelles du Brésil que vous êtes déjà en Nouvelle Zélande ! On n’arrive plus à suivre…
    On a suivi vos aventures endiablées à Rio et maintenant, on attend de voir Rémi avec les All blacks. ça va lui rappeler de bons souvenirs. Bravo pour les photos impressionnantes et magnifiques.
    Boa viagem nas terras austrais. Obrigado por fazer participar na descoberta du vosse mondo. Beijinhos
    Vic, Mh, Jerem, Lisa.

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