The Project

In short


Romane and Rémi, both 23 years old


1 year: from september 2010 to september 2011


Using local transport and housing and getting in touch with people.


Our website:

Our booklet, our visiting card.

Photographs and recordings exhibition after going back to France.

How much?

About 25 000 €

Who are we?


Photo de Romane


Telecom ParisTech and EURECOM graduate in september 2010, telecommunications engineering diploma.

Professional experiences
March-August 2010 – Philips Healthcare – Suresnes

Master thesis in the field of medical imagery processing.

Nov 2009-Feb 2010 – Thales D3S – Palaiseau/Sophia Antipolis

Internship, preliminary researches on crowd segmentation and density measurement using image processing.

July-Sept 2009 – Thales D3S – Palaiseau

Internship, research on iris biometry.


French, English, Spanish, German


Plays the piano since she is 8 years old. Followed a classical formation during 10 years. Living in a musicians’ family, she plays Yiddish and Tziganes music with her brother and sisters. Learned the trumpet during 6 years which allowed her to play in different orchestras: harmonic, symphonic and big band.


Learning salsa for 2 years. Dancing bachata and chacha too.

Apprend la salsa depuis 2 ans. Danse aussi la bachata et le chacha.

Community life involvement

Computer mission in Senegal in July 2008: compute lessons to Saint-Louis’ teachers.

Main strengths for the project

Dynamism, have initiative, taste for discoverings.



Telecom ParisTech (Engineering school in the field of telecommunications), 2nd year.

Professional experiences
Juillet-Sept. 2010 – Ozone, Paris

Internship, study of a new SI and the change from paper-based system to Digitalised system.

2008-2010 Lycée Lavoisier Paris

Mathematics questioner in preparatory classes.

Juillet-Sept. 2009 – Thales Services, Cergy

Internship, design of a helicopter virtual cockpit.

Juillet-Sept. 2008 – Axa Tech, Bangalore, Inde

Internship, work in quality team on CMMI norm.

Juillet 2006 – Ozone, Paris

In charge of phone survey as part of an town planning study.


French, English, Spanish, German.


He has studied the saxophone and the bass guitar. He has played in several formations (classic, jazz, funk, rock). He recently started to learn harmonica to bring it during the project. Keen on HiFi techniques, MAO experiences (recording, edition, montage).


Learning salsa for 2 years. Also dancing chacha. Interested in flamenco, ballet…

Life’s experiences

House sharing in India (Bangalore) with young engineers during 2 months.

Main strengths for the project

Thirst of knowledge, travel in autonomy expererience.

Why this project ?

Leave around the world is a long-past dream.

First it is a meeting people dream. People we met during our trips brought us a lot. Rémi learned from his experience in India where he shared a house with indians. Romane got to like meeting and sharing when she went in Senegal for a humanitarian mission.

It is also a discovering dream. It is the occasion of seeing the geo-diversity and biodiversity of the world. Traveling is also an life experience completely different from student life.

Music always had a great importance in our lives. We developed love and sensibility of music during our formations and musical meets. Music particularly makes sense when it is shared with people. It is a fabulous medium of exchange ! Thus getting in touch with musicians and dancers is for us a way of sharing with people having another culture.

The objective

Our approach

Going in big cities like capitals and also in little villages of 23 countries where the music has an important social role.

Meeting street musicians and dancers. Pay attention to their environement, their public. Share with them.

Trying to capture the atmosphere and artists’ talents in the street, using photographs and recordings.

Our guiding principles: spontaneity and respect. It needs to take time in each visited place. Thus we will use local transport and housing to close to people and exchange the most as possible.

We will attend religious and traditional feasts of countries we will visit. We will also participate to street art events.

The question we want to get onto

Who are street artists ?

We wonder what is the musicians and dancers’ status in every countries in the world. We want to know how they learned music and from which social class they come.

What is their link with the population ?

We would like to discover what kind of link street musicians and dancers have with the population. What are the exchanges ? What kind of interactions are there ? Do the spectators participate ?

What relation do they have with the authority ?

What about the authority ? Do they tolerate these artistic activities ? Do they encourage them or not ?

How we will share our experience

Carte de visite La Rue Vibre !

A website

You are on our website. You will be able to share our experience on it. Some articles will be written during our travel. Some recordings, photographs will regularly put online.

Visiting cards

We will give cards to people we will meet so that they have our mail and website address.

Photographs and recordings exhibitions

We have planned to do photographs and recordings exhibition when we will be back in France.

The program

Our way of travel

We want to travel meeting the most of inhabitants as possible. We want to meet people, obtain advice and accounts. It needs to use mean of transports as bus or train and sleep in guesthouses.


The program could change. If you want to join us do not hesitate ! Contact us and we will organize this !


You can click on each part of the card to see more details.