Bocas del Toro, a very creol Panama

Going from Costa Rica to Panama wasn’t fun at all (not even the bridge we had to go through, see […]

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

As we arrived, Puerto Viejo, a tranquil Caraiban city welcomes us… with a heavy rain. The sea breeze and the […]

San José, a Costa Rican city ??

You would have serious doubt about it, exiting an AC bus in the very occidental city of San José. Streets […]

Liberia, dull city

(Français) C’est au terme d’un voyage épique de Granada, Nicaragua, que nous arrivons à Liberia, Costa Rica.
Épique car le Costa Rica est le pays le plus riche d’Amérique Centrale

Granada, next to the lake

Granada is our next stop, in Nicaragua. This city as a particular charm as it has been for a while […]

Fiesta in León

Here is just for you a piece of Central America straight from León, Nicaragua. During one week-end, the region and […]

León, a peaceful city proud of its history

The cathedrale, the biggest in Central America [Extrait Audio/Audio Clip] We spent our first night in Nicaragua in Leon, the […]

Tips for Utila

In Utila it’s not easy to be a turist. After one week here, we give you some advices to help […]

Utila, marvel of the Bay Islands

Waves …. [Extrait Audio/Audio Clip] After one hour with the ferry we arrived on Utila island. Indeed Utila is a […]

From Salvador to La Ceiba, a bus story

It took one day and an half to go from the Pacific coast to the other side: the Caribbean sea. […]

El Salvador: couchsurfing, beach and getting out!

We spent 3 days in El Salvador. We arrived at night in the capital : San Salvador. There we found […]

Cosmopolite Antigua

After a demanding bus journey (the drive is so harsh that you have to hold tight with your both hands […]