Cosmopolite Antigua

Cathedrale d'Antigua
After a demanding bus journey (the drive is so harsh that you have to hold tight with your both hands during the whole trip), we arrived in Antigua, Guatemala.
This city has a reputation of past beauty and active cultural life. We found it over all very influenced by European culture, as the prices.
As a result, we visited about a dozen dozen of hostels before finding one which would do (and it was a mastered negotiation!).

The city’s architecture is appealing. Streets are large, and a lot of beautiful houses can be found along the streets. As a result of a big expatriates community, there are plenty of cool bars, a French bakery, and all this good jazz. As it is the (very) low season, our bight at bar is very quiet.
We leave the city the next day for San Salvador. We didn’t really give it chances to this city, but we found it more cosmopolitan than Guatemaltec.

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