Utila, marvel of the Bay Islands

Sortie plongee Utila

Waves ….

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After one hour with the ferry we arrived on Utila island. Indeed Utila is a little paradise in the Caribbean islands: the water is transparent and at about 28 or 30 degrees C, there are beaches with sand and coconut palms, fishes specialities and above all coral reefs and about 10 dive centers!

In the island inhabitants speak a kind of Creole language because of the first old English colony and a more recent Spanish immigration.

Dock de Deep Blue

Water is everywhere, that’s why houses are built on stilts.

Moreover it is certainly the cheapest place to learn diving!

As usual we visited every dive center. It was a bit difficult because Rémi already dived in France but has lost his license card.

Finally we found a little dive center very personal and quiet (Deep Blue Utila that we recommand).

We had an instructor for us, Lydia, thanks to her we learned theory very quickly which enable us to dive one day after and discover the beautiful coral reef.

Lydia spoke in english with her spamish accent and we answered as we could, the owner was american and there were also the captain who was from Utila, an english biologist, thus it was really international.

The dives were wonderful and the submarine life incredible. Fishes are everywhere and from many colors, amazing !

Balançoire a Utila

4 comments for “Utila, marvel of the Bay Islands”

  1. Encore des photos superbes !… Et on aurait envie de voir celles que vous avez prises mais qui ne sont pas sur le site ! Est-ce possible, un peu comme vous aviez fait avec les photos du Canada ?

    Ici à Paris, aujourd’hui comme hier c’est la grisaille absolue : pluie bruineuse et plafond bas pour le ciel : c’est vous dire si vos nouvelles de mer, plage, et soleil sont salvatrices : il faudrait que cela soit remboursé par la Sécu !

    Mille bisous !

  2. Juste sublime, ça donne envie d’y être.
    bonne continuation!! 🙂

  3. Reccomend????????

    No way, you guys must be one of the one in a million that actually enjoyed it. It Pablo was your instructor, well done cause he is a good instructor…
    Lots of clients got a raw deal from Libby at Deep Blue, or sitting without power that was not paid up to date.

    Also you dived with gear that was not profesionally serviced, and by Utilian’s that are not qualified to service at all dive gear..

    It’s your right as a safe diver to inquire about these things before diving with them, and watch out for the lies from Libby, she is good in that, and could sell you sand in the Sahara desert..

    Good luck

  4. We have contacted Libby, manager of Deep Blue Diver.
    Here is her answer:
    “Please not not pay any attention to this post. It was made by an angry ex- employee who is trying to make trouble for our shop. Deep Blue has been a staple business on Utila for over 10 years and we have never had any trouble before this, In fact we do not do things any differently here than any other shop on Utila!
    Divers enjoy their time with us here, as Remi and Roman have proved! Thanks guys.

    NB: PADI is the biggest diving federation.