Liberia, dull city

Rue principale de Liberia

After an epic travel we arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica, from Granada, Nicaragua.
It’s an epic travel for many reasons. First Costa Rica is the richest country in Central America (called the Swizz of Central America, or GringoLand because of the strong US influence), and Nicaragua one of the poorest.
The border officers are so really strict, and fortunately Marcel and Gabriel, two Nicaraguans, help us to pass.
Nicaraguans come in Costa Rica for work, and the Costa Ricans don’t like that.
Plus currently there are skirmishes at the border between the two countries. The situation is pretty serious as its only the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After 2 hours we are in the other side.
Welcome Costa Rica. The change is radical, the life price is almost twice more expensive.

Cathedrale de Liberia

After we arrived in Liberia, in the North of the country. This city is without any interest in our opinion, even after walked several hours to find a well priced hostel.
Birds invade the central park, as can testify their evacuations and the rash noise they made.

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To told the truth, the surrounding areas are full of natural parks and other natural wonders. But the only option to go there is a taxi (expensive) or a tour operator (very expensive).
That’s why we left the city the day after without regrets.

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  1. Déjà votre commentaire est assez peu enthousiasmant, et même un peu angoissant, sur le Costa Rica et Libéria ;
    votre choix de la bande-son en remet une couche : on dirait les oiseaux de… Hitchcock of course !

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  3. Je ne vois que 3 photos sur le Costa Rica;
    j’espère que vous avez poussé jusqu’au Guanacaste.
    Une pensée pour vous

  4. Bonjour Frederique ! Le temps nous était un peu compté au Costa Rica et c’était plus cher qu’on le pensait, nous ne sommes donc pas restés très longtemps. Un autre jour peut-être…

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