Tips for Utila

Utila, vue du dock

In Utila it’s not easy to be a turist. After one week here, we give you some advices to help you budget the whole stuff.

Dive Shops

We went into all the dive shop during one day before we choosed one.

All the dive shop include hotel and 2 extra fun dives. Prices are alike.

Tip : When negociating, It’s easier to get added free fun dives than to make the price significativly cheaper.

From the ferry dock, right (starting from the farthest, just before the bridge)

Alton’s Dive Shop (sea): A big school, very well equipped (Our third choice).

Deep Blue Divers (sea): Maybe the smallest school, and so the one with best staff contact. We loved it. Ask for Lydia as instructor, she is really good at explaining (our first choice)

Utila Water Sports (inside) : another big structure, Maybe the biggest in term of accomodation.

Utila Dive Centre (sea) A medium structure, Be carefull the hotel is a 10 minute walk away,in the center of the island. They were the more expensive when we compared.

Underwater Vision (sea) Big strucure with a beach volley field and a good athmosphere!

at the left of the ferry dock:

Captain Morgan’s Dive Centre (inside ): Accomodation and learning take place in a fisher island, which looks more authentic and calm.

Parrots Aqua Adventures (sea): Maybe the shop with the most of young people.

Bay Islands College of Diving (BICD) : A big structure with a pool (important for the first 2 dives of the OW), which seeme very good (honnesty, serious, competent) (our 2nd choice)

Gunter’s Dive Shop (sea) : little structure, the more relaxed and cool we saw.

For eating

You can cook in all the shops. Think of the supermarket (right of the dock).

For restaurant, we loved BaBalu, a medium expensive fish restaurant, with wooden piloti and a natural aquarium

To eat local : Go to the artist hotel (road in front of the dock ), Take the very small road in front for a couple of minutes, the little restaurant should be on the right. The less expensive restaurant of the island.


For the cheaper internet cyber we found, go to the fast food (right of the dock) and negociate with the owner (Black guy very strong). For 5 hour the 6th is free, an for 4 hours, 10% discount (you may be able to do better).

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