San José, a Costa Rican city ??

Plaza Cultural, San Jose

You would have serious doubt about it, exiting an AC bus in the very occidental city of San José. Streets are wide and busy, full of high buildings, luxury shops and fast-foods. Street sellers are really shy amongst a occupied and well dressed crowd. So prices are very logically high.

Fortunately, we had the chance to be couch-housed by Daniel, (we met by couch surfing, a web site where people offer couch and other people seek couch).
We were fortunate because Daniel is an absolutely delicious person of our age, a man with whom it’s a pleasure to talk.
And we were really blessed because Daniel is becoming a dancer in a very good school (el Barco), and he brought us to one of his practice of contemporary dance (which is not the modern dance).

Danse contemporaine El Barco 3

Danse contemporaine El Barco 4

About 40 students brush pass others and dance together doing exercises which are as well artisticly challenging as physically challenging. Moves are highly complex, and within a full session of 2 hours, they learn a 30 seconds choreography They dance 6 hours a day at least, except for Daniel who has to work.
Here below you will find a video of their warmer. Students walk in every direction, going on the floor, turning around, very impresive!

We exited the dance room very excited and interested.

Someone so charming has many friends, and we met some :Josué, a radiologist who studied in Europe, Carla who research about sexual workers and know a parallel world in San José, other dancers …
Daniel even let us his room!

Graffer San Jose

Thanks to him we discovered a very arty San José,a bit more underground, and very lively. A world away from the city steel heart.
It’s with regrets than we left Daniel to go to the Caribbean cost (North).

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  1. Y a même un McDonald à San José!
    J’adore la chorégraphie. Très jolie!

  2. Trop Top cet échauffement, je me balance volontier sur la chaise!
    Nous suivons toujours vos aventures, merci de vos superbes photos, reportages et sons……On se surprend même à être impatient lorsque nous n’avons pas de vos nouvelles pendant 3 jours…….
    PS : une tortue est arrivée ! merci.

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