Machu Pichu on a budget

Rails du train pour Aguas Calientes

You’d like to see a world marvel, but you don’t want to pay the extremely high price imposed by a Chilean/English Peru Rail Company? Read what follows, as it easy to to go Machu Pichu without taking the (very expensive) train,

There are 2 itineraries to go to MP walking. First of all if in the rainy season (Dec-March) , ask the tourism information or tour operator to have news about the roads, as some may be closed .

More walk, less bus

This is the more simple way to go.
BUS: Cuzco -> Ollantaytambo (~2h, frequent departures, less than 10 soles).
WALKING: Ollantaytambo-> Aguas Calientes ( ~7h , dir. West West-North. following the railway).

More bus less walk

BUS: Cuzco (terminal Quillabamba, taxi 3 soles from the plaza de armas) -> Santa Maria (~6h, departs at 7h and 8h, 15-20 soles).
Nota Bene: the road is closed for work between 1400 and 1800, then you have to leave Cuzco <=8h, return: leave hydro <=10h
Collectivo : Santa Maria -> “Hydroelectrica” (~2h, 10-15 soles)
Walking: “Hydroelectrica” -> Aguas Calientes ( ~3h, following the railway )
NB: careful, at the beginning the railway goes up doing a Z pathway, you can shorten up by a path leaving from the down left of the Z. Some bridges are dangerous. Before station “Aguas Calientes”, at station “Las Ruinas”, go down (right) until you reach the entrance of Machu Pichu, then follow the shuttle road up to Aguas Calientes (~20 min). This is a much travelled itinerary, we made it by night without troubles!

From Aguas Calientes, you can climb up to Machu Pichu by shuttle (USD 8 ) or walking (~1h, well indicated). Take plenty of water as it is outrageously expensive up.

NOTE: When raining a lot, bridges can be sweep away, therefore you would need to cross the river with a compartment.

In conclusion: no need to be an extreme adventurer to do it, but leave plenty of time for unsolicited, and be careful about road conditions.

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