Go to Copacabana and let bless your car

Pancarte de bénédiction des voitures, Copacabana, Bolivie

In Central and South America most people are driving very very fast, often preferring the left way to the right one. But how do they do? Aren’t they afraid of an accident? How many times drivers overtook in a bend without any visibility !?

But now we have the answer! Drivers leave it to God. They let bless their car by a priest. And then they can go as fast as they want and do every offence they can.

In Copacabana it has even became a business. in front of the church are installed many stands selling bands, paper flowers and other decorations. They are put on each car before the priest blesses them con wine.
And pay attention to the schedule, a sign has been put in front of the church to remember you!

Apart from this Copacabana is not very interesting despite his perfect site near the Titicaca lake.
We can even go up to the surrounding mountain and admire the view of the lake. But you will have to walk between rubbish and vendors.
And what about the Sun Island? After 2 hours of boat it is difficult to enjoy the Incas ruins in a pathetic state and the 3 community tolls on the footpath.
We advise you against this city!

Sur le lac Titikaka

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  1. I believe it’s the famous numberonenumbertwo lake? Or am I wrong?

  2. @babo : It is even maybe the numberonenumberthree, or the numberonenumberfour. Go to a volcano of more than 5000m and put some water inside!

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