Come and discover Baptiste Daleman!

Baptiste Daleman

Today is your lucky day, as you are going to discover a very talented French artist, and got the inside of a street musician as well. French? Yes!
We met Baptiste Daleman in Peru, in Lima.
This is a strong part of his artistic life to travel to boost his creativity.

But first things first, here is a little synthesis of Baptiste Daleman’s interview (in French).

Baptiste learned to play guitar alone with the scouts song book. As he listened to different kind of music he refined his own style. His influences are wide, from the French music, like Goldman, to the traditional rock (Stones), and John Butler Trio. He plays a “reggae full of love”, a mix between reggae and French music.
He started solo, doing 2 CD, première of known artist (Doors), and touring with John Butler Trio.
After travelling a while he met other and started a band, which toured in various countries (Ireland, India, France).
The band plays Baptiste songs, which he scores first with a melody, which inspire him a theme, which would eventually leads to the lyrics. Then all the group met and make it works.
Baptiste is also a special artist as he needs to travel to keep writing. His music is directly inspired by the encounters and discoveries of his travels.
And usually, he keep playing during his travel, usually in the streets.

Thus he as a big experience of playing in the street, in France and in other country as well.
First playing in the street is hard, really hard, and Baptiste do so only when he really need the money “to eat”. It’s hard for two reasons: first you sometime face disapproval (most in France) of people thinking that you are a homeless and that it is a shame for such a young people. Second you have to be really engaged in what you do, and even more in a country where people doesn’t understand the lyrics, as they stop more easily, as they are curious, but don’t stay if you don’t offer them something else than lyrics they won’t understand.
Yet, according to Baptiste, it’s a very good exercise which teaches you a lot, like feeling your public, fighting your timidity …
In all the country where he played in the street, Baptiste always was welcommed, except in Paris, The City of Light, on the “pont des Arts” (Bridge of the Arts)!

Here is a new song Baptiste Daleman played for us, a capela with his guitar, just to give you a taste of his upcoming CD.

And his is a cover of the Jungle Book, that Baptiste plays often to work the room!

We appreciated a lot our meeting with Baptiste, first of all because he is a very nice people, then because we like his music and his approach, and most of all because he is a musician who goes to the whole hog for his passion, without concessions.

You can easily learn more and listen to his music :

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  1. Génial de vous retrouver en ligne les amis! Bravo pour l’article sur Baptiste, le nouveau Ben Harper! 🙂

    Bonne route au Chili et à bientôt!

    Malory et Silvio

  2. Super format d’interview, c’est canon et bravo Baptiste pour ton parcours, génial de te réentendre:-) SMACK

  3. Ah ouais c’est dla bombe !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Bisous !

  4. Ouah ! Quelle chouette rencontre !
    La musique de Baptiste me plait beaucoup, et le personnage aussi !
    Je lui souhaite de réussir dans ses projets musicaux : “il le vaut bien” !
    Merci, Romane et Rémi, de nous avoir fait partager ce moment très chouette depuis votre bout du monde.

  5. Belle interprétation !!
    Je pense définitivement que Baloo est le plus grand philosophe de l’histoire.

  6. @ThomaS Wessely : complètement d’accord ! 🙂

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