Walk in the Incas sacred valley: from Pisac to Sacsayhuamán

Terrasses sur le site archéologique de Pisac

Take your gear and head one for a walk in the sacred valley. You should get your tourist ticket (see the article about Cuzco) with which you will be able to visit 5 archaeological sites. The sites are good, and it shouldn’t cost you a lot, between 5 and 10 soles per person. Plan a day for this visit, around 6 or 7 hours.

Take a bus for Pisac at the terminal on the Tullumayo Avenue (indicated on the map given by the tourist information). The ride to Pisac lasts 1h and costs 2,40 soles (about USD 0.80). The landscapes are wonderful! The bus drops you off in the village of Pisac.

Chemin vers Pisac

From here walk in the north direction to go to the archaeological site of Pisac. You will have to go up on the mountain that surrounds the valley. The walk lasts about 1 hour (+500m) and allow you to fully observe the Incas’ terraces. At the top you will be able to see the military and religious constructions that are in a very good conservation state.

Porte sur le site de Pisac

Go down by foot or take a cab if it rains (you can bargain a taxi for 10 soles, no more).
Then take a bus for Cuzco (2,40 soles) and ask the driver to drop you off in Tambomachay. This site is quite little, also called “Incas baths” it has two fountains built by the Incas and that always work! (guide: max 5 soles)


100 meters further there is the site of Puka Pukara. This is an old guardhouse of red rocks which is in a bad state. (guide: max 5 soles)

Then walk about 1 hour along the road to Cuzco or stop a bus to go t the site of Qenko. In quechua Qenko signifies “labyrinth”. Do not spend to much time here the following site is much more interesting! You can appreciate the fortress of Sacsayhuamán (pronounced “Sexy Women”), dominating Cuzco from the hill. The site gives a feeling of awe as massive stoe walls build without mortar give you an idea of the power of the Inca. The biggest stone is more than 350 tons, and they hadn’t discovered the wheel!

Mur du site Sacsayhuamán

Coming back to Cuzco is very easy, don’t take back the road, but follow the massivee stone road going down to Cuzco between the Christ statue and the site’s hills. 15 minutes and you can enjoy a chocolate on the Plaza de Armas!

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  1. C’est grandiose!Quels outils utilisaient donc les incas??Quels furent leurs secrets pour réaliser de tels sites??
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