Custom made New Dehli

Remi trying out his suit, Delhi, India

Buying a custom-made suit is a bargain in India. There are many tailors in Delhi.

Here is a guide to buy a custom made suit in Delhi. Specifications are for example price, store-size, number of fabrics, designs …

Here is more or less the process for a custom suit (you have also 24 hours service, only 2 fittings):

  • First define budget and planned utilization of the suit
  • Choose the tailor accordingly to your needs
  • Choose fabrics, then design for suit and trousers (and maybe for shirt)
  • The master tailor of the shop make a first sketch of the suit, very basic.
  • First fitting (crude, important modifications)
  • Second fitting (minor modifications)
  • The master tailor complete then the suit.
  • Then other fittings if needed, for small adjustments.
  • You can finally leave with your suit

Here are some tailor shop you can go with metro (useful as you will go there at least 3 times). From cheapest to most expensive.

For cheapest price, look into the markets : Khan Market, Lodhi Market …see

Now we will give you some specified directions.

Roopak Tailors-N-Cutters at Karol Bagh.
Shop is small, fabric choice is low (Raymond, wool and polyester)
Come with a picture of the design you want, hte shop’s catalogue aer 20 years old.
Price : 4500INR for tailoring, max 2500INR for fabric.
The master tailor will do exactly what you ask him, and probably will go the extra mile for you. Good if you know what you are doing or on low budget.

Others are on Connaught Place (the wealthy place of New Delhi)

D.Vaish and sons
DO NOT mistake it for Vaish at Rivoli.
Shop is medium sized, good quality fabrics (pure wool, linen), from India and some from Italia.
Price: 4500INR for tailoring, apprx same for fabric, approx 2000INR for extra trouser.
Has a family-business atmosphere. We chose it and were very pleased. The master tailor is skilled, communication is easy, staff is very willing to help (we did 6 fittings!). We strongly recommend it.

SM and Sons
Connaught place, next to D.Vaish
Big shop (3 time D.Vaish shop)
Price: 6,500 INR for tailoring, Indian and foreign fabrics from 2,000 to 100,000!

Mohanlal and Sons
Connaught place.
Big shop (maybe the biggest)
Price: 4,500 INR for tailoring, fabrics : 6,000 and more,only foreign fabrics.

Vaish at Rivoli
Connaught place.
Big shop, maybe the most well-known of Delhi.
Tailor fee : 8,000 for classic custom made (stitching), 12,000 for true bespoke.
Indian and foreign fabrics from 5,000 to 100,000.
Very prestigious, the only one to propose true bespoke. Very expensive.

Last advice : don’t compromise on fabric quality or on details, and it is really easy to find shirt-makers, so shirts are not a priority.

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    Encore bravo pour toutes les images.

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