Chittorgarh and Bundi, Indian countryside and conviviality

Even in Rajahstan, the most touristic state of India, it is easy to get out of the beaten path and to discover the rural-country in all its generosity. And no needs to go very far! On the road from Udaipur to Jaipur you can do 2 stops really relaxing : Chittorgarh and Bundi.

Chittorgarh fortress, India

Chittorgarh is a small city if 80 000 inhabitants, without major interest, except the fortress which watch all the vale. It is one of the most impressive fortress of India architecturally speaking. The fortress is wide, and it is in fact a whole plateau which has been fortified with a wide red stone wall and several gates (9 in a row in the main entry).
It is also the symbol of Mewar history. It was a little rajpout kingdom which fought from 1300 to 1600 A.D the Moghols invaders. They are famous for the “johar” (suicide by fire). When the ultimate Mogholes attack were coming, the rajpout women killed theimself by thousand into giant furnace, and then their husband led a last and suicide attack.

A temple detail, elephants, Chittorgarh, India

A temple detail, Chittorgarh, India

It is better to visit the fortress with a tuktuk for 3 hours (around 200 Rps), as the fortress is 5km long and 600 m wide. With our really nice tuktuk driver we went from palace to palace, from temple to temple, each time more impressive and more beautiful : delicately carved balcony, wall sheltering divinity statues, tree-like columns …

Tour de la Victoire, Chittorgarh, Inde

The most prestigious building is probably the Victory tower, build in 1448 to celebrate .. victory! 157 steps to reach 38 meters of height, with stairs and landings richly sculpted (see the video).

5-6 hours further on the road, you arrive on Bundi, a nice city with blue paint houses. As Marcello (a very nice Argentinian chap) told us, while drinking a delicious lassi, “Bundi, it’s true vacation”. Here inhabitants haven’t been yet spoiled by mass tourism. They are still smiling, welcoming and don’t try to forcefully to drive you with tuktuk or to sell you cheap souvenirs.

View from Garh Palace, Bundi, India

More than this warm atmosphere, Bundi hide too some treasures : a fortress with a beautiful view over the blue houses, a palace magnificently decorated with eighteen century paints, front-house covered in fresco, dozens of wells with stairs, a lac covered by beautiful lotus flowers, and even a small romantic palace where Kipling stayed to finish his book Kim.
In the now deserted palace, some items of a glorious past rust in the sun, like the tiny little metal bells wich probably rang hapily when their master entered the palace>

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Chitrashala, Bundi, India

Fresco of Chitrashala, Bundi, India

Sukh Mahal, Kipling palace, Bundi, India


  • Nitraj Hotel, near the bus station, dble with bathroom 175 Rps, not nice, but will do
  • Ritu-Raj Vatika - Garden Restaurant,near the bus station, nice service, delicious plates, not too expensive


  • off-season hotel prices are easy to negociate
  • Hariyali - Marriage Garden Restaurant, Jait Sagar Road near Ramdwara, , on the way to Kipling Houses, the only decent restaurant in the city, very nice and not too expensive!
  • Sathi Cold Drink’s, best “sweet lassi” of the city

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  1. Si j’avais des ailes…je partirai vous rejoindre à Bundi..Merci ma Romane pour ces magnifiques photos!
    Gros baisers de Mum Cocci!

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  3. J’ai envie de me dire que j’irais à Bundi ! C’est ce genre d’endroit que j’aime découvrir . Merci

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