Buenos Aires, a mixe between Europe and Latin America

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentine

Buenos Aires!
This city will inevitably remember good thinks to travellers and expatriates!
Buenos Aires is an extremely pleasant city, very good to live in, because of a good transport system (bus metro) of course, but mostly because its very welcoming inhabitants and because the big foreign students community.

Librairie, Buenos Aires, Argentine

The atmosphere is tranquil, a bit nostalgic of the good old time when Argentina was one of the superpower of the world, the time of beautiful Art Deco buildings, lucre, and arrogance toward neighbouring countries.

You can feel it along the San Telmo Market, a really long street lined by handicraft sellers and musicians, and very fine antiquarians with beautiful pieces.

Au jardin botanique, Buenos Aires, Argentine

This city as a complex relation with Europe. You have to know that Argentina is an emigrant country, a rather late emigration of Europeans.
It was then crucial for the nation to build a national identity, iconizing the revolution heroes and appropriating a forged culture by using Antique and Gothic symbols, which shows well in the aristocracy cemetery.

A very beautiful three-master is anchored in front of the Buenos Aires quay. With several world tours, thousand of students, and an evolution from sail to steam engine to oil motor.

The museum Eva Perron is a good way to understand how adorated she was and is. You may not know her, she had an very special life: she was born in a poor family, she became a star, then stop acting and married the Colonel Perron, future leader of the country. She was a special ambassador, then she helped the poor trough her foundation, so forcfully than after her death, many people asked for her canonization. And even know, she is called “Evita” (familiar way of saying “Eva”).

But fortunately things keep going in Buenos Aires, the artistic scene is good and has beautiful place to exhibit (like the “palais de glace”),and more underground places (see our article about music in Buenos Aires).

And maybe this is actually the secret of Buenos Aires charm : a very good mix of modern things, outdated things, and warmness of its inhabitants.

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  1. Coucou tous les 2 !

    Je ne vois pas bien le distributeur sur la photo de la semaine…..distributeur de quoi ?



  2. @Lolo : c’est un distributeur d’argent, désolée pour l’imprécision. Celui-ci est situé en plein milieu du terminal de bus de la capitale du Paraguay. Les vitres sont transparentes, tout le monde peut observer les opérations et surtout le montant de l’argent que tu retires. D’autant plus que les terminaux de bus ne sont pas des endroits où la sécurité règne… 🙂

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