Resistencia, the 500th statues’ city

Statue servant pour les travaux, Resistencia, Argentine

We leave the good vibes of Buenos Aires for the North of Argentina : Resistencia here we are! It is so muggy here that shops are closed until 5pm and streets are totally empty. But the city is really pleasant, in particular thanks to many sculptures you can see in the parks and streets. There would be 500 of them at the moment!

Sculpture de chien, Resistencia, Argentine

In this city there is also an interesting museum: el Museo del hombre Chaqueño. When we visited it they were preparing some children party, thus we were not so welcome.
This museum tells about the different people that lived in the Chaco region (from natives to European immigrants). There also some interesting explanations about the Triple Alliance war. Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay fought Paraguay and killed 80% of its male population… Paraguay was too thriving for them, and never recovered from this shock.

We have some advice for those who would like to visit Resistencia: the tourist information is incompetent. They do not give relevant information and give you an outdated map. For example the police museum closed in 2006 and the contemporary museum is moving on! Moreover all the schedules and prices are false.

However Resistencia is a really pleasant city. A good stop!

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