Gourmet extracts of Malaysia

Big shrimp, eaten in the Kota Bahru

After Singapour we were expecting much about food. But when we arrived in Malaysia we rapidly noticed we would not be disappointed either. Malaysia is characterised by a great mix of cultures. Malaysian population (not to be confused with Malays who are the people who founded the nation of Malaysia) is composed of 50% Malays, 24% Chinese, 11% Indians and 11% natives. This gives Malaysian food an incredible diversity!

In Chinatown we were able to find plenty of stalls where you can eat chicken, pork noodles, fried rice, brochettes, cakes etc. In the street there are also itinerant vendors selling rice paste, raviolis and a lot of other things.

Raviolis chinois, Malaisie

Fried raviolis

Char Kway Teow, Malaisie

Char Kway Teow

Brochettes, Malaisie

Pork and squid brochettes

We find also many indian restaurants where we can eat tandoori chicken, naans, murtabak, butter chicken and other well-known specialties.

Poulet frit, riz et légumes, Malaisie

Poulet frit, riz, légumes et curry

Of course the Malaysian cuisine has been influenced by all the cultures composing the country. But the food still remains unique. Malaysians have breakfast eating “nasi lemak” (“nasi”=rice) which is mainly rice with a meat sauce and dried fishes nicely wrapped in a banana leaf. Sure it does not taste like croissant!
Classical meals are composed of rice or noodles and chicken, pork, beef or fish with curry sauce or other, Soups are also common. For example the “assam laksa” is a sour sauce made of tamarind and mackerel.

Nasi Lemak, Malaisie

Nasi Lemak

Assam Laksa, Malaisie

Assam Laksa

Malaysian dessert are not very light. The Ais Kacang or ABC (Air Batu Campur) for example is a mix of maïs, jelly, syrup and ice cream on crushed ice. It is curious and… very filling! We also have eaten cendol, a dessert spread over all South-East Asia. That are green spaghettis with crushed ice, red beans and syrup.

ABC, Malaisie


Cendol, Malaisie


Glace à la mangue et sago, Malaisie

Mango ice cream and sago

Our favorite of the Malaysian cuisine is the “roti canai”, in any doubt influenced by the Indian presence. This is a kind of fried pancake. Being stuffed with egg, banana or something else it is really delicious. Here is a little video showing the preparation of our favorite among roti canai : the roti tissue!

roti tissue, Malaisie

Roti tissue

Nouilles malaisiennes, Malaisie

Spicy noodles

Of course the British also left some traces, as those scones we ate in Tana Ratah!

Scones, Malaisie

Scones, butter and chantilly

Drinks side we were not either disappointed, appreciating ice lemon tea with almost each meal. We also tested the “Milo” which is not so exotic as its name could let assume. This is only chocolate with ice! Delicious!

Boisson tres chocolatee, Malaisie

Very chocolate milo

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  1. Hmmmm…ça à l’air trop buen !!!!

  2. J’adore le roti tissue! miam,merci pour la recette!!!!Votre site va bientôt s’enivrer de saveurs…plutôt que vibrer de danseurs.
    Tendres baisers à nos voyageurs gourmets!

  3. Merci d’avoir levé le voile sur ces “spaghetti verts” composants indispensables des desserts de notre XXIII° arrondissement !
    Et d’accord avec “Mum Cocci” et La Fontaine :
    “et bien dansez maintenant”…

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