Muezzins songs

Mosquee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

There is a music often sounding in the Malaysian streets, in its villages, coming from well decorated towers to stroke your ears, to wake you up and to arouse your interest well before the sun do it.
Of course I am speaking about Muezzins prayers that occur several times a day in the whole country.

More than a call to pray, those melodies are really specific depending on the time and the Islam variety it is. Curiously the Malaysian way of singing is closer to the Arabic one than to the Indian one. This is due to the conversion history of Malaysia to Islam and show well the greatness of the Arabic merchants of Old Times.

The harmony is also more or less important, depending on the fact it has previously been recorded and only diffused close to the mosque like in GeorgeTown, or that each call is different, with unequal musical levels, and competitions between neighboring minarets, like in Dabong.
Can you hear the cars, or the cicadas?

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Those prayers are also simultaneously diffused on TV with lyrics and their translation.

To be true, the first time we awoke at 5 in the morning it was tough because those sang words prevented our brain of taking them for a monotone noise, and we were inconsiously trying to understand what it was meaning.

The call of prayer is not so restricting in people life. Most of them stay sitting in restaurants and keep eating or whatever. In fact it is like a big singing clock regulating important moments of the day.

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