Night Market in Chumphon

Vendeur de seiches aplaties, Chumphon, Thaïlande

If you go to Koh Tao island you will probably go through Chumphon. However few travelers spend some time in this city. This is not a very touristy area but we found a very colourful and tasteful night market.
Along the main road we could find many stalls where each vendor sells its speciality. And the list of food is quite long. Our picks are those ones: squid brochettes, tiny-pancakes with fruit-paste, roti with concentrated milk, fried shrimps… OK ok we stop there as you are now hungry!
But if you want to taste all this delicious food, just go to Chumphon!
(you can notice that the girl on the picture is wearing a helmet, it is rare here!)

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