Red meat course in Pokhara

Pokhara lake, Nepal

After 12 days trekking around Annapurnas we finally arrived in Pokhara (2nd city of Nepal) like children entering Walt Disney World. We first were so happy to find a decent room with bathroom but above all with occidental toilets and sink! But we could also now eat good food at a normal price (during the trek they could reach 5-6 times the normal price !), be able to drink a good fresh beer, sleep until 9am and meet smiling people!

Moreover we discovered a very pleasant city, built around a nice lake and surrounded by the Giant Himalayan mountains. This situation gives to the city a rural and pleasant atmosphere while taking benefit of big cities assets. Pokhara has nothing to do with Katmandu intense traffic and overcrowded streets!

With the 1KG chateaubriand, Everest Steak House, Pokhara, Nepal

The best moment of our journey in Pokhara was certainly the birthday restaurant Remi had promised me when we still were 4200m above the sea level. We tested a “steak house” for the first time. At the beginning I was quite skeptical about eating red meat in a country where cows are protected by law. However it was a great experience! The menu was quite impressive, proposing more than 30 kind of steaks. We choose the restaurant specialty : a whole Chateaubriand piece of beef (more than 1KG) which was for 3 people. But the meat was so well cooked, tender and good that we easily ate the entire piece of beef!

After this we were ready to go back on the road for some new adventures!


Everest Steak House, Lakeside
Between 300 and 1000Rps per person.

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    c’est un super carnet de voyage que nous avons la. J’ai adorée et sa donne envie. Merci pour ce partage.


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