Medellin? That city rocks!

Parque Berrio, Medellin

After 10 hours of bus from Turbo we finaly arrived in Medellin. From several weeks Colombia have faced terrible floodings. On the way we could notice many mudslide, forcing the bus to pass after the bulldozer.

Medellin is a very modern city and the town planning investments begin to ne prolific. The metro which goes through the all city is large, silent and clean.
People of the touristic information are also really helpful and effective, as inhabitants and policemen who show us the way anytime we ask for.

Medellin is also a very animated city. The central place (Parque Berrio) is full of people and itinerant vendors selling mango (yummi yummi !), cellphones minutes or even hardware. We also enjoyed many pastries, as buñuelos. Colombians are crazy about sweet and salt pastries.It sounds strange but it is really delicious !

Museo de Antioquia

If one day you decide to come here, we recommand you two museums : El Museo de Antioquia and El Museo de Arte Moderno. In the first one you would be able to watch a very beautiful collection of Botero’s artworks, THE Colombian painter of the 20th centurym and also colombian paints of different styles. There are also a consequent collection of modern and contemporan paints in which we could watch a Picasso, a Rodin and even a Max Ernst. In the Museo de Arte Moderno we were very glad to discover a Colombian artist of the 20th century: Debora Arango. She choose very polemical subjects with a genius style.

Louis XIV et Mari Antoinette par Botero

Finaly, Medellin does not deserve its reputation. We never felt unsafe but rather welcomed by very nice people. A dressmaker even proposed to wash our clothes as we did not find any laundry!

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  1. Merci pour ces jolies photos..mais,qui fait la loi à Medellin??!!(je n’ai pas pu me retenir!!)
    Bizous de mum

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