Tuxtla or the travel guide hunt

Carte de Tuxtla

We had to go via Tuxtla to visit the canyon of Sumidero near San Cristobal city. As we do not have found a travel guide for Central America we thought we could find one there which is a biggest city than San Cristobal.

Arrived in Tuxtla we went to the center to find this guide. There we found a touritstic agent who told us to go to Office Depot. We found strange to look for a travelguide in a paper house but why not ? We are in Mexico !

We took the bus to go there but the driver left us in front of… a TV shop ! We ask another person who writes our destination on a paper and which we give to the bus driver. The driver endly understood ! And we arrived at office Depot. Of course Office Depot was as every Office Depot ! The sellers show us a department where we found… maps of Mexico !

Then we went to Sanborn’s, a commercial center for rich mexicans. They have travel books about Pris, China, Cuba… but not about Central America ! It would have been so easy ! The sellers indicate us another book shop. But after looking after it we discover it has moved !

Thus we take another bus and find the bookshop which rather looks like a news kiosk ! And of course they do not have any travel book ! The seller tell us to go to the Marimba’s park. There we find a little shop where there about five books ! But the seller indicate us the Marimba’s museum where a toursitic agent show us three book shops on the city map.

The first one was closed for inventary. The second one was closed and seemed to only sell religious books… And the last one was opened but did not have any travel book…

What a good day ! We almost visited all the book shop of Tuxtla !

At least we visited Tuxtla to and fro !

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