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We spent two days in the city of Veracruz. Guided by the famous travel book “Le routard”, we found a cheap hostel. Then the hunger lead us to a very typical restaurant. Veracruz is a big port, and so we delighted ourselves with delicious sea-food-based dinner.

The next day we took the bus for the city of Tlacoalpan, told to be very charming. Las, after a ride of 2 hours we found a quasi desert village, filled with mud and water, with destroyed house and wall, and with army men delivering emergency food to a crowd.
The village was severely flooded a few days ago! We were feeling very bad and not at all in the right place. We finally found a government bus to go back in Veracruz, in which we met Joachim, a sympathetic teacher who explained a bit the situation.

We couldn’t find any “danzon” dancers (the “danzon” is the traditional dance of Veracruz), maybe because it is not the touristic season.
In our point of view the city lacked a bit of interest, except maybe the very well made aquarium and museum of Mexico. But let’s be French, the aquarium isn’t worth Monaco aquarium !

Méduses - aquarium de Veracruz

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  1. Soyons chauvins…et celui de Cherbourg!!si je comprends bien vous prenez l’eau!!!
    Bibises de mum

  2. Comment une ville dont le nom seul fait déjà rêver peut-elle ne pas être à la hauteur ? C’est comme Maracaïbo, le dire ou l’écrire et on s’évade de la réalité…

  3. Veracruz….pour moi, c’est le western de 1955 (je viens de vérifier la date!) avec gary cooper !

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