Feedback on our exhibition on October 15th 2011

Life size photomontage, The street vibes! exhibition

Just a few days after we came back we were already preparing an exhibition on our trip and project about street musicians and street dancers. It was not an easy task to already look back on this incredible amazing experience, to sort the 4000 pictures, 100 of sounds and videos and also to think about what we wanted to convey. We wanted to work on a real sociological analyze on street musicians and dancers but we also wanted to show some parts of our adventure, make people want to travel in some neglected country or simply make them travel for a short time.

The exhibition took place in two different rooms:

  • on the ground floor: some boards with explanations, photos, sounds, original gold book made of postcards (that we made from our photos) and an exotic buffet.
  • on the first floor: projection of a 15-minutes-long diaporama (you can find it at the end of this article).

Board, The Street Vibes! exhibition

The exhibition was made up of three parts. One life size photomontage made of our travel cloths was showing the beginning of the exhibition. Then three boards of explanations were introducing the project and the trip, going back on the most important steps of this one and explaining our approach. After that there were several analysis on different profiles of musicians and dancers we had met. Two “sound domes” enabled to individually listen to music and samples we had recorded during our trip.

Best of board, The Street Vibes! exhibition

Finally the last part was going back on the best moments of our trip. For example we had built an “anecdote’s wheel” (based on the principle of Nepalese prayer’s wheel) which presented 12 unforgettable events.

Anecdote's wheel, The Street Vibes! exhibition

At the end, everybody could take a postcard from a world map and write its feelings. Now they make up a really good souvenir for us.

The diaporama was made up of chronologically ordered photos and videos on soundtrack of the sound we recorded during the travel. We wanted it to resume our different meeting and discovers.

Patricia Tordjman speech, The Street Vibes! exhibition

Around 7pm Patricia Tordjman, Gentilly mayor made a nice speech, as an hymn to travel and to youth. Then we shared our experiences around some culinary specialities.

During the buffet, The Street Vibes! exhibition

We were really happy of this event because it was a pleasure to see people again after a so long time and also because we were touched by your enthusiastic and friendly messages.

Thank you for coming and we hope we can soon announce you a less temporary exhibition place!

Let’s see the diaporama now :

4 comments for “Feedback on our exhibition on October 15th 2011”

  1. Waouuuhhh 🙂
    Magnifique !!

    On veut voir l’expo maintenant !!

    gros bisous à tous les deux 🙂

  2. Hehe ! Ca va venir ! Encore un peu de patience… 🙂

  3. Wouahouh ! ! !
    Je viens de regarder le petit film, ça fait rêver, en cette matinée brumeuse parisienne

  4. Comme le 15 octobre parait déjà loin !
    Heureusement la mise à jour du site vient à point nommé pour une petite piqure de rêveries et de beautés partagées.

    Merci à nouveau pour cette belle soirée que nous avons pu passer ensemble et en compagnie de nombreux autres amis.

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