Advice and tips for the trek around Annapurnas

It is hard to find informations about trekking in the Annapurnas during the Monsoon time, so here are some advice for trekking (preparation and trekking) and for the specifics about Monsoon.


  • You have to buy as trek permit and a TIMS card (for what? We still don’t know). You can go to the tourist centers of Kathmandou (SE of Thamel) or Pokhara (E of LakeSide). You need 2 id photos for each.Price : 2000NRP trekkink permit and 1500 for TIMS
  • Every guest house can store your extra luggages for free during your trej. Put everything in a Trash Bag, seal it with a lot of tap, and don’t forget to put a paper with your name, date of arrival/departure and your emergency-contact.
  • Do inform your ambassy that you are going to trke : your itinerary, dates, and name and number of your insurance (+ contract number), as well as your emergency-contact.
  • Essential: head light with new battery, water tablets, bedsheets, emergency food, a good rain cover, antibacterial gel, lip stick( sun proof) , sunscreen and hats. You can by basic toilets stuff, battery, SD card, gloves, hats … along the way, but you will pay it through the nose.

During the trek

  • Traveling off season means you can negociate, which is oficially forbiden by ANAC. Ask for the “Monsoon price”, or ask to be offered small things. Usually you have free accommodation if you eat dinner and breakfast.
  • Get use to sleep early, because you will need to wake up at 5 for Thorung La.
  • Jomsom’s guest-houses are next to the airport, at the South exit of the village (right side of the river).
  • Guesthouses can provide bucket of hot water (sometimes few rupees).
  • Do respect the acclimatization schedule above Pisang, you will deeply need it at Thorung La.

Now a few words about the specifics of doing this trek during Monsoon.
We treeked from 24th of June to 5th of July (2011).
You find everything and it’s contrary on internet, so we tell you here, this trek is feasible during Monsoon, and a very good one! The only drawback is that you won’t see often the Annapurnas.

Here are some truths

  • There are always people on the paths (about 10 tourists a day, many Nepalese).
  • Paths are seriously affected by rains, but you can always find you way walking.
  • Usually it rains during the night, not during the day
  • The N-NE area of the trek is shadowed by Annapurnas and as a special climate. For us a light persistent rain.
  • You always see 2000 meters above your head, but you won’t see often the Annapurnas.
  • Only one shop sells good rain cover in Thamel, on Jyatha Tole(S). It has zip and a special place for backpack. With it no need for rain trousers, but you will need a coat.
  • No leeches
  • Maps are insufficiency precise, ask locals your way.
  • Pools are really usefull for difficult obstacles
  • You wioll wear T-shirt untill Penang, then light polar, then heavy polar for Thorung La.
  • Few or no plan from the villages
  • Getting out of the mountain from Jomsom is tiresome and random, but you can do it with bus in 2 days (around 1500 NRP)
  • Most of trekkers have heavy leather trekking boots, nevertheless you can do it with light trekking shoes.
  • Going E-SE of Thamel you will find repair shops for your equipments. For the only descent cobbler : go on Jayatha Tole, then S during 20 minutes, the small shop is right , in the butcher area.Ask for sewing, not gluing, and ask for tire for patchs.

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