Shopping in Thamel Katmandu

In Katmandu streets, Nepal

Thamel, the tourist area of Katmandu, is certainly the international capital of counterfeit trekking gear. It was a chance for us, who were ready to start a trek in the Himalaya mountains!
After one whole day of shopping we can give you some advice about what we could find.

Main recommendations
Avoid the 2 main streets of Thamel. Walk south or south-east 5 minutes to reach the less touristy streets. You will probably find better prices.
Do not forget bargain is really important in every day life in Nepal. So get ready to bargain everything and really hard. You can easily divide the first price by 2 to 5. And do not forget to smile and do not get impressed by your interlocutor. And take your time!

One important figure not to forget : minimum wage in Nepal = 100 Rps!

We give you a list of prices (in June 2011) of some counterfeit stuff we bought in the trekking shops of Thamel:
Sticks (new/1 season/2 seasons): 500/300/150Rps
Camel bag: 400Rps
Galters: 350Rps
Rain cover (basic/with bag space): 300/500Rps
Polar gloves, hat: 150Rps
Map: 300Rps

You can also find some authentic (not counterfeit) shops east of Thamel. But prices are European!

Finally for repairing you can go south south-east of Thamel (10min by foot), you will find many repair shops. And it can be worth it to let repairer have a look to your bag or other stuff before you leave!


Mount Makalu Trading Concern
Jyatha 100-200m from Thamel Chowk, Thamel (tel : 977-1-4252309, @ :
Trekking and expedition equipment. The vendor is pleasant and smiling and has got many things you won’t find elsewhere (for example : very strong rain cover with extension for the backpack, galters). But of course as everywhere you will have to bargain hardly!

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