Lopburi , sleepy monkey town

Beware monkeys, Lopburi, Thailand

But what is a monkey town ?
For me, a town where the real inhabitants are the monkeys.
Small, agile, cunning, they try to open the bottles of sodas, jump inside the cars at the stop. They have their temple, with toy-ladder, special taps adapted for their hands, and a dozen of sellers specialised in coconuts, bananas and peanuts for the gift for the tourists.

Monkey on top of a car, Lopburi, Thailand

We admit it is a bit puzzling to get out of the bus and see monkeys everywhere, playing and fighting on the electrical wires, running on the buildings. They look less out of place in the numerous ruins of temples, surrounded by blossoming trees.

But they are very welcome to move a bit this sleepy town!

Wat Phra Sri Ratana Mahathat, Lopburi, Thailand

But why old walls, bricks and beheaded Bouddhas secularly old are so magic?
Tout de même pourquoi tant de magie est-elle véhiculée par des vieilles pierres et briques, des Bouddhas décapités et quelques arbres en fleurs? Peut être parce que les temples sont en bords de fleuves ou de canaux, et qu’ils respirent une sérénité tranquille, comme la célèbre position du Bouddha couché.


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