From Popayán to Ecuador

sud colombie

If you want to pass the border from Colombia to Ecuador don’t trust your map to estimate the length of the travel. First you have to take into account that in these mountainous areas are very hard for the old engine of your ride. Second, with heavy rains all over the year, landslides occur often.

This stuff happened to us, and everybody got out then the bus rushed over the big pile of earth.
That being said, we were happy because the view is incredible.

Cathedrale Ipiales

Arriving to Ipiales, a small town with a beautifully illuminated church, I was seized by an altitude-headache, and the cold weather. This didn’t stop us to meet fellow travelers from Germany and Norway.

Colectivos (collective small van-taxi ) exit Ipiales when they are full to the border. There you can use bad change rates and duty free for alcoholics.

As with the other borders, we pass it without being searched, we have such cherubin faces.

frontiere Colombie Equateur

The border is as often materialized by a geographical element: here a big concrete bridge over a busy river. As opposed to the situation in Africa, here the stupid european-made border didn’t survive. Furthermore Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Panama were once briefly united by the great hero Simon Bolivar : El Libertador

Another colectivo take you to Tulcan, where you can go for anywhere in Ecuador.

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