We finally left Bogota for more quite lands. Let’s go to the south!

After 19 hours of bus (because of floodings) we were really glad to arrive at our destination: Popayán. And we rapidly noticed that the detour was worth it! Called the “white city”, Popayán is said to be the most beautiful colonial city of Colombia after Cartagena.

Even in two days we did not have time to visit every museum and church. You do not even need a travel book but just need to walk in the streets and you will be sure to find some places to visit!
Thus we found two interesting little museums: la Casa Mosquera and the museum of Guillermo Valencia. The first one is the old house of a rich family of Popayán (very important in the colombian history). The central courtyard is lovely.

Casa Mosquera, Popayan

At the museum of Guillermo Valencia we had the chance to have a guided tour in spanish. We clearly saw that the guide was doing some effort because we almost understood everything! We learned a lot more about Guillermo Valencia, poet and translator called the “maestro” and who was the father of the colombian president Guillermo Léon Valencia.

Museo de Guillermo Valencia

Finally Popayán gave us a very beautiful image of the Colombia before going to Ecuador.

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  1. Oupsssss……je vous quitte quelques jours, Romane dans le Hamac et Rémi devant sa pêche miraculeuse….Que d’aventures et mésaventures au programme depuis. La rue Vibre nous fait vraiment vibrer ! Vous devriez mettre une photo de Piment pour illustrer ces derniers jours !
    Merci pour vos reportages, photos et commentaires.

    On vous suit toujours !

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