Going from Panama to Colombia

You want to go from Panama to Colombia without using a direct air plan? Here are a few tips.

First, it’s impossible to cross the border by land in the Darien province (except maybe for Chuck Noris and Rambo).

Therefore you have to do it by boat, on the Caribbean coast (territory of the Kunas).

Basically, it’s all about going to Puerto Obaldia, next to the border in Panama, get the stamp, then go to Capurgana next to the border in Colombia, get the stamp, then go tu Turbo which has connection with all Colombia.

You have 4 options:

  • For the tourist (rich). From Panama City or Colon, book a sail boat which will take you to Carthagena (Colombia) for 400 US$ (6 days). You can try to stop at Puerto Obaldia saving the boat fee to cross the border.
  • If you are short in time: Take the plan from Panama City to Puerto Obaldia (85 US$, few hours). Then get the stamp, then take a boat to Capurgana (Colombia,US$ 10 , 1h), get the stamp (pay nothing). Sleep ( a good room with bathroom should cost you no more than 25,000 for 2, negotiate!). The next day take the boat to Turbo (US$25+0.25/kg above 10 kg, 2.5h).
  • If you feel adventurous: take one of the car leaving Panama City for Carti at 4 a.m. at plaza 5 de mayo(US$10 to 25, 2.5 hr).Then take aboat to Carti Island aiming for the cafeteria (US$3). You have to wait merchant boat heading to Colombia (they come at the cafeteria where you cna sleep for US$5-8), or take lanchas for US$10/hr heading East (Ustupo, Caledonia, …). This boats come also in the other side of the island. Expect more than US$40 for Caledonia and US$50-60 for Puerto Obaldia. You can sleep in Caledonia for US$5/night.
  • If you have loooot’s of time and luck: From Panama City take 2 bus and arrive at Miramar. There try hitching to San Blas or even Colombia.

Budget at least 3 days, probably more.

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