Guatemala, here we are !!


Adios Mexico. A sad thought after all the good moments we had in Mexico.

We crossed the border at Cuhautemoc. For those who experienced the custom at the airport, it has nothing to do with it! This border is in fact a giant market, with local people going through it constantly without control. The border is said although to be more dangerous for tourists, because of some greedy officers. For us no problem!

The landscape is quite unique, made of short montains very sharp, covered by vegetation and fields of maize, with some villages hidden in the fog .
The buses are old American school buses, always full of people. Here buses overtake cars, and drive on mountain road at a very impressive speed. Luggages stay on the roof. After several buses, we arrived at Panajachel, next to the Atitlan Lake.

Lac Atitlan - 1

This town is crowded with Americans, and so a great number of prices are in US$. American people aren’t very responsible with their dollars and spend it easily. The city is charming, because of the incredible lake.

We made a little trip to the small village of Santacruz (de lago ..). It’s a village built over a very sloppy mountain, very authentic, and without tourists.

Santa Cruz

But eh cosmopolitan ambience of Pana is also a plus for us, as there are a lot of bars with live music, where we can meet people and practice our English !

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  1. Juste un p’tit bonjour et une pensée émue pour vous ! Andrée

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