Comitan and Montebello’s lakes


We left San Cristobal and its babas to join the Comitan city where the life is peacer. We did not meet any tourist ! Yeah !

The town is tiny and there is not a lot to visit. However we found a very interesting museum nout the doctor Belisario Dominguez who studied in France and had a very important engagement in the mexican political life. Once again we were not disapointed by this mexican museum. Mexicans are really good at this!

The day after we went to the Montebello’s national park, famous for its 150 lakes of varied colors. We arrived toTziscao, a little village in the park and we tried to find bikes. But in the slack season it was very difficult to find a touristic place. However we were able to rent a kayak. The view from the lake was great !

Kayak sur le lac de Tziscao

Then, always looking for bikes we were bamboozled by a young man who said to have ones. Finally he brought us to visit some lakes. We took little and steep footpaths. We also almost lost our camera! But it avoided the lake’s water!

Lac Montebello - 1

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