Montreal visit


We mad a few days stop in Montréal, Canada.
Guided by Raphaelle, Romane sister, we discovered this country which seems very like France but which is so different.
As a bonus, the ticket Paris Montréal Mexico is far less expensive than the ticket Paris Mexico.

The way of life in Quebec is a mix between the American and the French one. They speak French, eat cheese and have social heath care, in the same time they have perpendicular streets, the cars are really important, and the legislation for work is really loosy.

A nice city, a bit reassuring, which gave us the time to prepare the travel to Central and South America.

We would have needed more time to explore this beautiful country.

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  1. Superbes ces photos, mais la n°1020486 est-elle due à un abus de sirop d’érable ?

  2. eh, c’est quoi l’église à la base de l’énorrrrrme tour?

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