Graveyard of our lost objects

Here rest in peace the memories of the beloved objects which didn’t make it trough the travel.

French Spanish Spanish French Dictionary

Mexico, San Cristobal

You were the best amongst the dictionaries. You translated without effort the strange food we found in marke de Mexicos. RIP

USB Key (Kingston)

Utila, Honduras

You met a lot of computers, and finally chose to stay with one.

We respect your choice, Adios !

Map of Central America

Honduras, Bus from la Ceiba to Tegucigalpa

All our travel was carved into your body. Without you we are lost. Forgotten in a bus, may you serve well other travellers.

Victims of the armed robbery in Bogota

Our day backpack, with all it’s content.

Colombie, Bogota

Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ38

You were the best of the bridge cameras, and you made us run after you along the slope of a coffee plantation. We miss you, a lot.

Lonely Planet South America

You gave us a lot of bad information about gringo places and about gringos trail, but you were still usefull (and heavy).

Survival objects

Survival covers, small hook, fire-steel, headlight… You proved to be useless, but, we never know…

Remi’s USB key

You were great to avoid the bad internet Explorer from Krosoft. RIP

Violet bra

Argentine, Puerto Iguazu, laundry
Your frilly Parisian design didn’t saved you from oblivion in a laundry. We will both miss you.

Left at the Sao Paulo Airport

Brazil,Sao Paulo, International Aeroport

Rio Carnaval violet and white Wig

You had a special power: with you on our head we were instantly becoming Cariocas for the other!

Travel book “South America Handbook”

Simply the best of all! Travelling 3 month with you in several cities, you never proved faulty! Also you supported all the cutting out of the pages about the countries we had already visited. We will have a thought for you each time we will read this other bad travel guide (Lonely Planet).

Stoled in our checked luggage during our flights from Sao Paulo to Auckland

Brazil, Mexico, USA, NZ, International Airport
We went trough extensive and boring security check during these 3 flight from Sao Paulo to Auckland. If people seemed concerned with our security, they forgot to watch our luggage as when we took back or checked luggages, some items were missing :

Audio Recorder Yamaha Pocket Track CX

You were our last electronic item from France. You had recorded faithfully hundreds of noise and music, even when it was really windy.
You disappear, and with you all the sounds we had recorded in Brazil, including the whole Rio de Janeiro Carnaval.

Mosquito repellent soap like

You were from Panama, a very clever design: you were like a soap, needed to be wet then applied on the skin. With you may the heaven be freed of mosquito.

Black tagger

Bought in Chili to help us hitchhike, you were stolen too. Strange!

Trek around Annapurnas victims

Romane’s trek shoes laces

They matched so well with my trek shoes! But they were savagely cut by my true-false North Face galters…

Pandou: Remi’s USB key in panda shape

Katmandu, Nepal
Once more Remi’s key ended its life behind an ugly and slow computer of a cybercafe.

Adhesive tape from Paris’ Francois 1er pharmacy

In the international zone between China and Mongolia
You repaired many things: books, Remi’s rain cover, frontal lamp, seal parcels, repair pockets… but you were not used to care scratches except at your end. You bravely stuck a compress on a Mongol burn.