Manolo Caracol, gastronomic restaurant in Panama city

Manolo Caracol

After 2 months of the classic meal of central America : rice bean and chicken, we decided to revive our palate by testing the very hype Manolo Caracol restaurant.

The sympathetic ambiance leaves us a strange feeling after few minutes. A big tub of corks contrast with the 2 giant ventilation pipes and with an altar full of porcelain and Mary’s of baroque style. All of this doesn’t mix harmoniously with pictures on the wall.

Here no menu! For 30 dollars, the chef will serve you a dozen of dishes made from the daily delivery.

As an example, we ate brochette of scampis and rose onions with a spicy Asiatic sauce.
For the defence of the restaurant, we are rather demanding food critics (after al we are French people used to the good Paris’ restaurants) :
Most of the dishes are over salted, and the mixes are not always neither imaginative nor subtle.
We made fool of ourself by asking for more bread when we finished the first basket. It was given with a garlic butter. The astounded face of the waiter made us understand that in Panama bread is a dishes like the other, and is not expected to be eaten along the other dishes!
Also the service wasn’t enough for this scale of restaurants.

Nevertheless this restaurant was more than welcome.

We recommend it, but don’t expect too much (remember, you are in Panama), and if you can you may prefere going to the fish restaurant in the old port.

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